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08. Mai 2019 - Sparkassen-Arena-Kiel

A10 Networks 

Top 5 reasons to choose A10:

A10 delivers reliability, a rich feature set, scalability, flexibility, and performance – in either a virtual or 1RU hardware form factor. Updates, as well as feature additions and modifications can be performed quickly and easily. Benefit from a “future proof” platform that fits your current requirements while easily scaling to meet future needs.

A10 delivers high density partitioning, enabling granular control and unsurpassed flexibility. In addition, ACOS was built specifically for modern-day high core count CPUs, enabling simultaneous running of multiple services/ modules without degrading performance.

employs a single all-inclusive license that allows you to run a wide range of functional modules simultaneously with no feature limits – and better performance scalability. You get everything you need to run your business and support your infrastructure, without complex licensing schemes and escalating price points

In addition to high-performance hardware and flexible virtual form factors, A10 delivers the industry’s first truly cloud-native solution for traffic management for applications on public and private clouds – for increased operational agility and efficiency. App-specific proxies that optimize app delivery can be located in the cloud and be centrally managed, controlled and monitored from a central site.

A10 delivers world-class technical support using first rate System and Escalation Engineers, as well as core software and hardware engineers – providing immediate assistance and easy escalation paths.